The Partnership between Rim to Rim Restoration and Wildland Scapes

Rim to Rim
Rim to Rim Restoration is a non profit organization dedicated to the reestablishment of native vegetation. This restoration work benefits wildlife, recreation and sustainable watersheds in the Moab area.  Rim to Rim does this work in partnership with organizations such as the Bureau of Land Management, Utah State Forestry Fire and State Lands, the Youth Garden Project and many other nonprofit organizations.  Rim to Rim performs large scale invasive removal and revegetation projects, as well as a vegetation oriented response to weed removal treatments. They focus on areas where funding is rarely available through usual means, and must be sought through grants and gifts.

Wildland Scapes
Wildland Scapes is a for profit landscape contracting company focused on regionally native landscaping, large scale invasive weed removal and native revegetation projects. Wildland Scapes also operates a native plant nursery to support revegetation efforts in south eastern Utah.
What's the
connection between the two organizations?
Wildland Scapes acts as an incubator and facilitator for Rim to Rim, providing access to equipment, supplies and skilled labor on a project by project basis.  These services are provided to Rim to Rim at below market rates, providing only for wages, materials and overhead. By providing resources that Rim to Rim could not support year round, Wildland Scapes ensures that Rim to Rim can do more than just talk about invasive removal and revegetation.  All staff are trained in equipment use, and are covered by workers compensation and liability insurance, as well as a group health plan.  

Revegetation Work
Wildland Scapes has worked on a variety of revegetation projects in the Moab area. Some of our projects have been with developers or private land owners. While others have been in cooperation with Rim to Rim Restoration and focused on publicly owned land where restoration and revegetation funding is nonexistent.